Val Marrick

Tied up aunt


"God yes! Fuck me hard!" the naked woman begged. The carpet was rough under her elbows and knees. To either side the stacks of books loomed over her like guardians, seeming to look down in disapproval on this lewd intrusion on their quiet sanctum. "Ram that big fat cock all the way to my tonsils!"

Kneeling behind her, the tall, well-built young man shook blond hair out of his eyes and gazed down at the perfectly matched demi globes of her ass, divided neatly by the massive pillar of cock he was driving into her pussy from behind. His prick was smeared with aromatic juices. His vigorous fucking made a rhythmic sound as the cock pistoned in and out of the seething pussy.

The woman's whole body undulated as she fucked the youth back with all her skill and passion. Those achingly lovely white buttocks surged and rolled around the endless cock as it rammed home. Her pussy sucked noisily on the prick as it pulled out.

The youth's clutching fingers made deep depressions in the flawless skin of her ass. With every lunging stroke his dangling balls smacked wetly into the midst of her gaping, cock-gorged pussy lips. Her cunt felt like a combination of a hot, wet vacuum cleaner and a roller-coaster ride on his cock.

A thin film of sweat sheened their naked bodies. The musty air of the library was thick with the smell of aroused and greedy cunt. The huffing and puffing of erotic exertions rang around the structural members of the ceiling.

"That's it," the woman choked out as the cock slammed deep into her cunt. "Just keep it up like that, big boy. I'm going to come at… any… minute – ahh!"

"That's good," grunted the fair-haired youth. He slid his palms over the satiny smoothness of that churning ass. "I can't hold out much longer myself!"

The woman barely heard him. Intolerable pressure was building up in her pussy. Pressure that could only be let off in one way. Desperate to prolong the sweet ecstasy of fucking, the woman tried to fight back her climax, but it was too much, she had to – "Eeeeeeyyyyaaaahhhh!" she shrieked.

The very walls seemed to tremble with the enormity of it – screaming, in the halls of a library! "I'm coooommmmmiiinnnggg!"

For the young man it was as if his cock had suddenly taken on a life of his own. The hungry prick seemed to drag his hips back and forth as the steaming cauldron of the woman's cunt boiled over with orgasm. The intensity of her climax shook him like a giant hand.