Ted Sawyer

Hot little niece


Rita Russell put the book down and looked across the living room at her husband Len.

"Honey, you weren't kidding when you said this hot! Where on earth did you get it?"

"At that bookstore down by the office," he said. "I was always going to stop in and didn't, until yesterday. I told you it was really something."

"Do you think people really do things like this? I mean, swap their mates and all. That's silly… I know they do, but I mean, do you think anyone we know does it?"

Len shrugged, "I dunno. Harry and Betty Planter were always pretty wild…"

"Harry was," Rita said. "He pinched my ass more than once at those cocktail parties, but I always thought that Betty was kind of a prude."

"She's not all that bad, but now that I think of it I can't really see her and Harry doing the things in that book."

"How about Carla and Jim?" Rita asked. Carla and Jim Campbell lived next door. Len and Jim were partners in the largest furniture store in the area and longtime friends. Rita and Carla had both been working as nurses and roomed together. Rita and Len had dated and introduced Carla to Jim. Though neither wife had to work now that the business had taken off, Carla continued her nursing career on a part time basis.

"Never," Len said flatly. "They probably do all that stuff in the book, but they'd never go in for wife swapping."

"You're right," she said. "By the way, did Carla's niece come in this morning? I haven't been home all day and I haven't seen, her."