Robert Vickers

Chained cheerleader


"Would you ever pose in the nude?" the man asked, his eyes raking over Debbie's prominent tits. She stirred uncomfortably in the chair, wishing for the first time she had worn a bra. The tiny buttons of her nipples hardened visibly at the question. She tried to will them down into their normal soft state, but the more she tried, the harder they became and the more obvious her boobs became.

"No, sir," she said weakly. "I don't believe in such things."

"Good," Mr. Bradford said, checking off another spot on the long questionnaire. "We've had bad problems with the other girls posing naked for those skin magazines. Other teams have dismissed their cheerleaders after too much bad publicity. We want no such thing with the Condors. We're an up-front, moral football team and we intend to maintain that attitude."

"Yes, sir," Debbie said again. She nervously brushed back a strand of her long, lustrous blonde hair. The girl had been sitting on the uncomfortable hardwood chair for over twenty minutes. The interview seemed interminable, but she was willing to go through hell to get this job.

Or non job, really. Cheerleader with the Condors didn't pay very well. Only about fifteen dollars a game, if the rumors were true. But so many of the girls had used their public exposure to go on into a modeling career, Debbie decided she would try it. Besides, all the way through high school, she had always wanted to be a cheerleader. They seemed to end up with all the burly, virile football players. She had been too shy then to try out, but now, with the added bonus of maybe becoming a model to burn away her shyness, she would do just about anything.

Just about.

Debbie was glad that Mr. Bradford didn't want her posing nude. She saw all those magazines of course, but she always wondered how any woman could get up the nerve to bare her all for millions and millions of men.

"One last thing, Miss Connors. You've got to fit into the cheerleading costume. Please try this one on."

The man tossed the skimpy costume across the desk. For a moment Debbie wondered where the rest of it was. She mentally pieced it all together and decided this was it. A g-string to cover her snatch and a tiny little jacket that would barely cover her ample tits and that was all.