His Sexpot Sis

Robert G. Haill

Chapter 1

"Shawn Addison, you're a perverted bastard and I won't do it, not even for you. Haven't you any respect for me at all?" Shawn closed the bathroom door and leaned up against it as he studied his sister's angry face. She stood inches away from him with her balled fists on her hips waiting for him to say something.

"You wouldn't dare ask any other girl to do it," she flared. "It's unnatural, Shawn."

"Shut up, Jodi. You're as perverted as I am, my dear, sweet, innocent sister. And you'll do it because you promised me anything I wanted." He unbuckled his trousers and let them drop. Very slowly he inched down his underpants and saw her eyes swoop between his legs.

"You'll be sorry, Shawn," she whispered and gulped as she watched his huge cock spring to life, a magnificent prick fully eight inches long with a tortuous, bulbous cock head. It swung like a scythe as he moved over to the bath and bent over. Now with his back to her he was pulling his bum cheeks open wide.

"Shave me, Jodi, down and around my balls so when I take you I can feel every velvet inch of your body up against me."

She moved toward him in a trance and absently picked up the electric shaver that would shear the golden hairs off his spunk-filled balls. She dropped down onto her knees and her eyes fixed on his pendulous balls. They were big, she told herself, too big for a teenager. But so was his cock. There was nothing small about him.

"Take a good look, Jodi. We have the whole house to ourselves and we won't be disturbed."

She shook her head as she came out of her trance. He was right. They were alone with their parents off on vacation. She thumbed the switch on the shaver and it buzzed to life as she lightly brushed it up between his bum cheeks. Bending her head.slightly she blew a cloud of fine golden hairs from between his spread buttocks and with a giggle gave them a playful smack.

"Ouch! That hurt. Stop it. Remember, It s your birthday in a few weeks," he reminded her.

She started to tingle all over as she thought about their bargain of giving themselves to each other as absolute slaves as birthday presents. Then he'd be at her feet obeying her every will as she had to now.