Rich Foote

In-Law love

Part One

Last month I was traveling on business on the west coast when my wife suggested I visit her sister while I was out there. I had not seen Ruth in some time and really had no reason to visit her but at my wife's insistence I contacted Ruth and she invited me to spend the weekend.

Ruth and her husband have their own company and have been doing quite well and live in a spacious ranch house with several acres of land. I arrived Friday noon after finishing up my last customer call that day.

Ruth picked me up at the airport and I must say she looked very good.

She was wearing a trim business suit with a deep slit in the skirt. Her firm thighs flashed as she walked and I began to think of a possible encounter with her. As we drove to her house we engaged in some idle chit chat and she told me that she was glad I could come for a visit as her husband was out of town and she needed some company. As we drove her skirt crept up and the slit exposed more and more of her firm thigh.

More than once Ruth caught me staring at her legs and I could almost swear she was enjoying teasing me but she said nothing about it. In fact I saw her pull at her dress exposing more of her legs rather than covering up.

We arrived at Ruth's house and she showed me to my room telling me to make myself at home. Once I was settled in Ruth reappeared wearing a short pair of jogging shorts and a skin tight spandex top which held her firm tits out invitingly. Her nipples were stiff and clearly apparent.

I more than once caught sight of her smooth inner thigh almost up to her cunt as she showed me around her spacious home. By the time we had reached the bedrooms I already had a raging hardon which I was having some difficulty in concealing. I'm sure Ruth was aware of the affect she was having on me as I caught Ruth staring at my crotch more than once. When we arrived in the kitchen Ruth crouched down in front of me to show me some detail of the kitchen cabinets and I could see her pussy as her shorts rode up tight into her crotch. I noticed that she wasn't wearing any panties under her shorts and felt that this was a sure sign that I was going to enjoy the next three days.

Ruth and her husband must have been doing quite well because beside the spaciousness of their home they had a full workout room complete with a hot tub and sauna. I remarked to Ruth that the sauna looked inviting and she told me to feel free to use it whenever I felt like it. Ruth showed me the rest of the house and then told me that she had a date with some friends that afternoon to workout and that they would be arriving shortly and she hoped that I would not feel she was ignoring me. I told her that it was no problem and that I would entertain myself until she was free. I told her that I hoped she would allow me to take her to dinner that evening to repay her for allowing me to visit. Ruth thanked me an told to make myself at home and went to make some phone calls. I relaxed in the living room while Ruth took care of business.

Shortly the front doorbell rung and seeing that Ruth was still on the phone I went to the door and greeted her quests. Ruth's exercise partners were at the door and I welcomed them in and introduced myself to the two lovely ladies. I was very aroused as I greeted Pat and Carol, Pat was a tall thin black girl with full firm tits and long slender legs and a nice firm ass. Pat was dressed like Ruth having on a tight white spandex top which was cut low over her full breasts and clearly showed off her tits and now jutting nipples. Her pussy was clearly outlined by her tight nylon shorts which were slit up both sides far enough to convince me she was naked underneath. Carol was a slim oriental girl with long black hair and an impish look in her eyes.

Carol's small jutting tits were covered by a tight thin T-shirt and from the way her nipples were poking out the front the thin cotton shirt I was sure she too was highly stimulated. As with Pat and Ruth Carol had on a pair of shorts, hers were skin tight and barely covered her pubic mound leaving a clear outline of her pussy lips under the flimsy material. I was having great difficulty keeping my eyes from fixing on the obvious charms of these two ladies as I made conversation waiting for Ruth to finish her phone call. Somehow I knew that there was more to this afternoons activities than just a workout there was too much excitement in the air.