“The dying could be easy…it was the living that I didn’t know if I could do…”

Founder, chief songwriter and bassist for Mötley Crüe, assiduous diary keeper and the antihero of this tale. A man who was so hooked on heroin and cocaine that he had to die twice before he began to contemplate a more positive lifestyle.


“We all went to that dark fucking place at various times—but Nikki seemed to like it there more than any of us.”

A.K.A. T-Bone. Mötley Crüe’s drummer and Nikki’s Toxic Twin, a fellow narcotics adventurer who shared all of Nikki’s ’80s addictions–except heroin.


“Nikki was spending a lot of time shooting up in the bathroom during the Girls sessions, and that suited me fine–it was the perfect time for me to record my vocals.”

The singer of Nikki’s lyrics in Mötley Crüe, and a man who spent most of the ’80s hating the guts of his band’s songwriter and bassist. The feeling was mutual.


“When I heard Nikki was dead, my first reaction was, ‘I knew that fucking prick was going to do something like that!’”

Unassuming and reclusive Mötley Crüe guitarist who was forced to accept that his role in life was to be bullied, persecuted and abused by his vindictive band mates.


“You never imagine your own family will plot against you to steal your son.”

Nikki’s mother who endured an agonizingly long estrangement from her son after his troubled and turbulent childhood.


“Nikki was rude, full of himself, he just crushed me so many times…he was an asshole.”

Once adoring little sister of Nikki who accepts that their particular in-family dynamic was “maybe not your average sibling relationship.”


“I went to stay with Nikki once or twice, and the way of life he had was not to my liking.”

Nikki’s maternal grandfather who, together with his late wife, Nona, looked after Nikki in Idaho for long periods of his youth.


“As a parting joke I’d said to Nikki, ‘Don’t send us any girls in Nazi helmets and Gestapo boots,’ and he must have thought I meant it because they turned up in helmets but not the boots.”

Former Mötley Crüe co-manager who described the physical violence he sometimes meted out to his troublesome charges as “Full Contact Management.”


“Nikki showed me some gummy black substance he had that he claimed was some kind of exotic cocaine that he was going to snort. I thought, Good luck snorting a gummy substance!”

Partner to Doc McGhee, and a man resigned to receiving early-hour phone calls from Nikki informing him that there were “Mexicans and midgets” in the bassist’s garden.


“I don’t answer to Vanity. I would much rather be a fish stuck in a pond with a starving shark than take on such a foul name of nothingness.”

The Artist Formerly Known As Vanity. Former Prince pop protégée and girlfriend who turned her affections to her on-again, off-again fiancé Nikki and to freebase cocaine before finding God and becoming a born-again preacher.


“Nikki told her he wasn’t scared by a little bit of blood and proceeded to have intercourse with her right there.”

Elektra Records A&R man who signed Mötley Crüe to the label and suffered the indignity of watching Nikki have sex with his girlfriend three minutes after he formally introduced them.


“I hit Mötley a lot. I once broke Tommy’s nose in Indiana, I broke Nikki’s ribs and I beat the shit out of Vince many times, because…well, because he’s an asshole.”

Former Hells Angel, supplier of Ace in the Hole and the head of security on numerous Mötley Crüe world tours.


“Cocaine gave Nikki acute paranoia and hallucinations. One night he called me and asked me to get the police over to his house right away because there were little men with helmets and guns in the trees surrounding his house.”

Former junkie turned drugs counselor to the stars who fought countless valiant but losing battles to have Nikki admitted to rehab.


“I hung out with Nikki and I found a sickening allure in his lifestyle. My junkie years were dirty and sordid, but Nikki seemed to me to have found a cool, glamorous way to be a junkie.”

Guns N’ Roses guitarist and the “little brother that Nikki never had” during G N’ R’s infamous 1987 tour of the Deep South with Mötley Crüe.


“Slash was paralytic and Nikki was turning blue.”

Former girl friend of Slash who moved from Scotland to Los Angeles in 1987 and spent her first day in the city saving Nikki’s life.


“When I moved to Los Angeles I was told not to even talk to Mötley Crüe because they were trouble.”

Record company employee who took her work responsibilities so seriously that she moved into Nikki’s house to try to keep him alive.


“Once or twice I left my pipe out on the counter and, when I wasn’t looking, Nikki sprinkled heroin in it.”

Friend, neighbor and occasional companion in Nikki’s rock ’n’ roll misadventures.


“I always said that Tommy should have married Nikki because if they were gay they would be the ideal gay couple–made in Heaven.”

British photographer who has photographed Mötley Crüe for nearly twenty years and still thinks Nikki is a “likable, selfish, paranoid control freak.”


“Nikki phoned down to reception and said, ‘Look, I’m Nikki Sixx, I need a bottle of JD now and I will give you a thousand bucks for it.’ They just told him, ‘Sir, go to bed. You’ve had enough.’”

Callow British teenager who went on the road with Mötley Crüe as a boy and returned as a man.


“One of the early things Nikki used to do was set himself on fire during interviews.”

Mötley Crüe publicist who knew nothing about heroin in the ’80s but today, having worked with Nirvana and Courtney Love, is much better informed.


“On my first day, Nikki came into the studio with a black eye, having spent the night in a police cell. That pretty much set the tone for what was to follow.”

Nikki’s bass tech for ten years, an occupation that occasionally involved enforced Jack Daniel’s drinking while garbed in the robes of a priest.


“Tommy pulled his cock out and started banging it against the desk.”

Canadian record company executive who, as a young DJ named Joey Vendetta, hosted one of the most outrageous radio interviews in rock ’n’ roll history.


“Nikki always had the Devil’s wiseass smile in his eyes. I guess that’s why he always wore sunglasses.”

Director of scores of award-winning music videos by the likes of Mötley Crüe, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Britney Spears and Nikki’s personal favorite, Bon fucking Jovi.


“Nikki Sixx may never win a Grammy because the industry does not always judge on talent, but he deserves many.”

Head of Los Angeles–based Tenth Street Management and current manager of Mötley Crüe who helped to negotiate their escape from Elektra Records.


“Do I want to take part in this book? I really don’t feel that would be appropriate.”

Former CEO of Elektra Records who figured Mötley Crüe was spent in the late ’90s and sold them the master tapes to their albums.


“Nikki Sixx was a big teddy bear with a nice smile. He could barely play the bass, mind you, but that never stopped Gene Simmons.”

Cheap Trick guitarist and Nikki’s boyhood hero, friend and occasional touring and drinking companion.


“Nikki and Tommy decided to dress as Canadian lumber jacks.…They put on lumberjack shirts and false mustaches…”

A-list rock producer of Mötley’s Dr. Feelgood and Mötley Crüe albums, plus records by Aerosmith, Metallica, Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi.


“Nikki is a very creative and talented guy, and he thinks in a very dark and twisted way.”

Nikki’s erstwhile songwriting partner, with whom he has co-written hits for Meat Loaf and Saliva.