I would like to extend a huge French kiss and a super-sized thank you to the players who had the moxie to tell their side of this dark and sometimes tasteless story. In not knowing whether the outcome would be spectacular or disastrous, you still rose to the challenge without fear. Your insight and truth helped create this book, which I hope paints a fuller picture of addiction.

To Ian, who hounded, pushed and coaxed me to stay on the path of truth and discovery, and who did thankless hours of research and interviews to fill in the gaps in my scribblings. Thank you, Ian. Your talent and passion speak volumes in this book.

And to those of you who didn’t have the balls or courage to return calls or emails, or out and out just lied and said “OK” but then went underground thinking being in this book might “tarnish your image.” It’s clearer to me now more than ever why you are who you are in life–and that is simply spineless.