Nathan Silvers

Waylaid maid


"B-but I'm sorry, I can't pay you." Claudia Makie sat and sobbed helplessly in front of Tom Grainer. He'd been so nice to her when she came to buy the car. He'd taken her around and shown her all the models. That was probably why she'd taken one that was a bit more than she could afford. But that wasn't the real problem.

Tom sat behind his desk. His strong handsome face with its cropped beard was suddenly flushed with anger. "This is the third fucking payment you've missed!"

"I-I know, I'm sorry."

Claudia wept. She saw him get up and stared out over his shop floor. Tom was no ordinary car salesman. He owned the biggest and most successful dealership in the city. He was on the Chamber of Commerce and big things were rumored far his future.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" he snapped, his back to her. "You're a fucking teacher, you make good money!"

"I-I don't know," she sniveled, "the money just seems to go, you know." But she did know exactly where the money had gone and that was part of her shame.

It was those big louts of boys who laughed and talked behind her back in class. She had only just started teaching and it was misery already. Day after day, facing those knowing looks, those sniggers about her breasts, she knew what they were saying. To escape her hatred and despair, she had bought the car and spent two insane months chasing around the singles bars of town, looking to get laid.

And get laid she had, Claudia was a stunning beauty, that was part of her problem. Wide-set brown eyes, straight nose, high cheekbones and a pair of luscious red lips that were always open just enough to show the hint of her white front teeth. And her face was framed by silky shoulder-length brunette hair that seemed to fall exactly the right way whatever she did.

So Claudia had picked up a man within a half-hour of walking into any of the bars. She had laid nearly fifty men in those two months and her indifference to sex had grown with each encounter. After a while that had turned to disgust and hatred of herself for doing anything so cheap. But still she went back, hoping that it might be all right. It wasn't. It never was. Claudia didn't know why she found sex so appalling, but the last Friday night she had really freaked out and thrown some poor man out of her apartment, only just allowing him time to collect his clothes. He had had to put them on in the hall to her apartment.

So she was here; broke, and horrified at her entire life.