Nathan Silvers

Two mothers to torment


"What have you told your daughter they can do?" Donna Harvey demanded, her hands on her hips.

"I-I don't understand," said Imogene Blackstone. She stared at her neighbor. "They were going to visit their friend, Jackie, like they always do on the weekend."

"And Jackie lives out west, right?" Donna snarled.

"That's right," Imogene replied, mystified.

"So why did they take a taxi that headed into town on the expressway?" Donna demanded. "And why have you given your daughter money for a taxi?"

"Money? Taxi?" Imogene frowned. "I didn't! So where are they going? I even called Lana a few weeks ago and she was at Jackie's. It was ten o'clock. She said she was."

Donna's manner changed. "I think we'd better find out what's going on."

During the next week, Imogene found herself wondering a great deal as she watched her teenaged blonde daughter. Lana gave no sign of a change, except that she had been more secretive.

Lana was very attractive, and that was what worded Imogene. Lana's honey-blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders. And her young body was very well, developed, with high-thrusting tits, long, shapely legs and a tight, swelling ass.

Not that Imogene was plain, but she just didn't have the looks of her daughter. Her body was still very good, even at thirty-four. She should never have married Lana's father, but now he was gone and it was a great relief to Imogene.