Nathan Silvers

Tortured sisters


"Are you ready?" asked Sammy.

"I think so," said Amanda, turning, making sure her short dress fit just right. "Do I look okay?"

"You sure do," said her sister, "now let's get out of here."

"Just a minute," said Amanda, and she rearranged her neckline to show the swelling curves of her tits. "Fuck, I get nervous even now."

Sammy laughed and gave herself a final check in the full-length mirror.

There was no real need for either of them to worry. They were probably the most devastating pair of blondes in the city, and they knew it. It was Friday night and they were going out to the bars to pick up some unsuspecting man.

The trap would be set almost the same way each time. The two of them would cruise the bars, waiting until they spotted the man they wanted. Then they would make sure they met him. All the man knew was that suddenly two stunning women were talking to him, paying him a lot of attention, and his head would start to spin.

As the two girls laughed and chatted, pulling the information they wanted out of the unsuspecting man, he would take in their high thrusting tits, the shapely curves of their asses, and wonder if he was really being propositioned by two such beautiful sisters.

That depended on his answers. Usually the girls avoided a man who lived in their neighborhood or anywhere near it. The perfect man was some wimp from out of town, on vacation and looking for a good time. There was an almost endless supply of them.

The man would wonder how much better his luck would get when they asked him if he was interested in a threesome. Some of the wimps even shot in their pants when Sammy suggested that. Certainly none of them had ever turned such an offer down. In the taxi, half-drunk, the wimp would find himself in a game, blindfolded as a joke and led up the stairs into the sisters' apartment. Giggling and urging him on, they would lead him down a set of stairs and then all he knew was a blow on the head and darkness.