Nathan Silvers

Teacher in training

The alarm rang and Aurora Instrom reached out, to shut it off. She lay there in the semidarkness feeling very unhappy.

Wearily she got up and showered, wondering if things at this school would be as bad as she thought they would.

She had thought she wanted to be a teacher, but she'd done very badly at college and didn't know why. As a result her grades weren't that good and this school was the only one that had even interviewed her.

She had been frightened at the interview. The headmaster, Brett Harmon, and his wife Karla had been friendly enough, but there was a sternness to them, a strange feeling of menace that put Aurora off. Also both of them had looked at her strangely, made her stand, up, walk around. She was sure Brett, at least, had been examining her body.

But they offered her a contract and she signed.

As she put her makeup on, Aurora hoped that there wasn't anything sexual in Brett's attention. Here in this reform school for seniors in high school, she would be in constant, day-to-day contact with them and things could be difficult and embarrassing.

She was also worried by the uniform she had to wear. It was one thing that the girls had to wear uniforms, and the boys in the adjoining school, but for the teachers to have to dress like this was rather humiliating. Still, Aurora had met many of the teachers and most of them had been there for several years and looked very happy. And they didn't worry about the uniform.

So Aurora slid the white mesh stockings up her long, shapely legs, watching in the mirror how the skin-hugging nylon set off the curves of her thighs and calves. Then came the little white and pink bodice, with the lacy straps down to the stockings tops. The bodice stopped just short of her lovely full tits and ended above her tight, swelling ass. When she had fastened all the hooks, Aurora stared at herself in the mirror. It was too blatantly sexual and Aurora didn't like that.

She'd had relationships with men, it wasn't that she was against sex, she assured herself as she pulled on the pussy-hugging white panties. But they had all been such disappointments. If that was sex, then Aurora could do without it. In fact, she hated it. They just put her on a bed, stuck their cocks in and fucked her for a few minutes at most, and then filled her lovely little pussy with that horrible cum. It was disgusting and after a few attempts, Aurora gave it all up.

She put on the quarter-cup, white bra. White was for the new teachers. At some point, she had been told, she would move onto red and then black and then whatever she wanted. But that was a long way away.

Then came the white blouse, cut very low, almost to her nipples. The effect had made Aurora very embarrassed when she met the other teachers, it was almost as if they were flaunting their tits, legs and asses.

The tight white skirt was pulled in at the waist by the wide belt. The hem of the skirt barely covered her stocking tops and made her even more embarrassed. With the white, five-inch heels as a final touch, Aurora stood and realized that she hated what she looked like. Her lovely blonde hair, falling around her face to her shoulders, set off her soft, pouting lips in the deep shade of red lipstick she wore, the high cheekbones, her wide-set hazel eyes and her slightly turned-up nose.

Aurora's tits were high, thrusting out. The quarter-cup bra accentuated her cleavage. Her slim waist led down to the luscious swell of her ass and her long, curvaceous legs.