In a dungeon down and dirty

Nathan Silvers


"Yes, I'm glad you like my qualifications," Melinda Davidson said, smiling at Hugh Mason. "I came out nearly at the top of my class."

She crossed her long legs, making sure he caught a glimpse of her black stocking tops and a hint of the lovely white skin above them.

Hugh put Melinda's resume on the desk and looked at her closely. "So, how do you like being a dental assistant?"

"Oh, I love it!" Melinda enthused, playing with the top button of her blouse, making sure he could see the lacy top of her bra. "I love working so close to dentists, you know, to professional men."

She crossed her legs again, being even more blatant this time. Normally the combination of her tight little leather skirt, silt up the thigh, the black stockings and her endless legs would have had any man slobbering with lust to get at her. But Hugh was different. She played with her blouse button once more.

"Okay, then," Hugh said, leaning back in the chair, as he took in the delicious curves of Melinda's body. "Why do you think I should hire you rather than any of the other girls who have come for the job?"

Melinda hesitated for a moment. When he saw the full effect of her legs and tits, he would knuckle under like they all had. So she stood up.

"Well, I think I have some extra things that might make you want to hire me." She walked slowly over to his desk.

From her lovely beautiful face to her large firm tits and long legs, she had driven more than one man crazy to get into her pants. She always wore tight, uplift bras for interviews, bras that barely concealed her tits. And she always wore stockings when she wanted to lead men on, usually black, often mesh, as now.

She swayed up to Hugh's desk in her black, six-inch high heels, smiling invitingly at him.