Nathan Silvers

Hung strung houseguest


"Oh, yes, I'd love to come," Renee Cloud said. "You mean your father invited me for the whole weekend?"

"Yes," Janine replied. "It was when he met you at the open day, he said he'd really like you to visit."

Janine looked a bit apprehensive, shuffling her foot in the dirt of the schoolyard.

"Great!" Renee was in seventh heaven.

"Make sure you get permission from your parents."

"Oh, no trouble." Renee knew her parents didn't care what she did, or indeed what happened to her.

Janine was her only real friend at school and both of them were very isolated from the rest of the girls. Which was strange because the two girls were very attractive. They both had the same slim, long legs, tight swelling asses and slender waists.

Janine's tits were larger than Renee's, and Janine envied Renee for that. Renee's tits were just right – high, thrusting globes that didn't need the support of a bra. Renee was also the more beautiful of the two. Her shoulder-length dark hair framed a dark, sensuous face with luscious red lips, a straight nose and deep fawn eyes.

Both girls were chased by many of the neighborhood boys, but they both kept them at bay. They had met about a month ago, just after Janine had enrolled in the school, and they had been close ever since. Now Renee was to spend a weekend with Janine – it was wonderful!

It seemed an age to Friday, but finally Renee took her weekend bag to school and caught Janine's bus with her afterwards.