Nathan Silvers

Chained slave wife


Sylvia Kern heard the crunch of the tires on the gavel. Patrick, her husband was home. She felt her pussy convulse, and she glanced hurriedly round the room to make sure everything was in its place. The lighting was soft and seductive, the ropes were out if he wanted to use them, and the padded bench was in place in the center of the carpet. She heard him open the front door.

"Hi honey," she called.

"Hi," he shouted. "Any coffee on?"

"Yes, the pot's on the stove."

She waited breathlessly while she heard him clinking mugs and opening the refrigerator. It was only a few minutes, but to her it seemed like hours before he opened the bedroom door and came in. Patrick was tall, over six feet, and his muscular body had stayed firm for the ten years of their marriage. Instantly he knew what was on her mind, and he grinned, tossed his jacket over a chair and sat down in another chair, eyeing Sylvia as she got up off the bed and paraded slowly into the middle of the room.

"Did you have a nice evening with John?" she asked sliding a hand slowly into the opening of her long robe.

"Well, the poor fucker's really in a mess," said Patrick, easing back in the chair and stretching his legs. "It's that bitch of a wife of his." He grinned again and yawned, taking a gulp of his coffee. "Apparently, she's dressing up in all this seductive gear and turning him on, then pulling away and treating him as if he's some kind of sex fiend and should be locked up. The poor bastard's jerking off for relief."

"You know what she needs," said Sylvia, so taken with the idea she stopped running her hands over her body. "How about we get them to take a weekend with us and Cindy and Hank? At the cabin? That would break her in. And Cindy said they've got a new slave you've just got to fuck. How about that?"

Patrick gazed at his wife for a few seconds. "Worth a try," he said. "Ill call Hank in the morning."

"Good," said Sylvia and moved closer to him. "I hope you're ready." She began opening the top of her robe. "I was a really bad girl today."