Nathan Silvers

A librarian_s training


"Yes, it's a weekend training scheme."

"For me, Mr. Pincher?" Gillian Smith gasped, peering at her boss a little suspiciously through her glasses. "Why me?"

"We decided that you were, uh, you were, ready for new ideas," Joe finished lamely, looking out the open window. "Some people have their eyes on you, you know, and so they thought that it would be a good idea for you to attend this seminar for training." He shuffled some papers on his desk. "I assume you can go this weekend?"

"Well, yes," Gillian said uncertainly, pushing her straight blonde hair back out of her eyes. "I suppose so."

"There's a flight at five," Joe said, handing Gillian a ticket. "A car will meet you at the airport."

"Yes, Mr. Pincher. Thank you," Gillian said, and then left his office, feeling very strange about the whole thing.

Joe Pincher couldn't have recommended her; he didn't like her at all. But then, he was a real creep, the sort of boss who licked the boots of his boss whenever the area manager appeared to check the library. And the last time Mr. Harper came in, Joe had stood close to Gillian as she worked, telling Mr. Harper what a bad employee she was. And now this.

Gillian felt uneasy as she got back to work, putting books back on the shelves.

Of course, one of the reasons Joe hated her was that she wouldn't date him. Gillian shivered at the thought of the times he'd trapped her in an aisle and tried to feel her tits.

Other men had approached Gillian because she was beautiful, but she deliberately dressed as dowdily as she could and never used make up.