Lee Engels

Donna_s loving brothers


"Don't be scared, Donna. I'll stay here with you all night. The storm'll be over soon and they'll be back in the morning. Come on, kid, there's nothing to be worried about."

Donna Judge shifted her position on the bed, self-conscious of the way her swelling, fifteen-year-old breasts had been pressed disturbingly against her brother's side. They were alone in her bed, both parents gone for the night and a raging storm threatening to tear the house down around them. She was scared of the weather, but something else also bothered the sultry young blonde, a new kind of feeling that was beyond her comprehension.

Gerald had come in five minutes earlier, after a particularly terrifying flash of lightning had struck within a hundred yards of the wooden farmhouse. It was good that Gerald was taking a protective interest in her, but they had been so distant the last few years that it was hard for Donna to trust him.

Only two years separated brother and sister chronologically. Once they had been close, an intimacy born of lonely summers spent on the nearly isolated family farmstead. Very close, Donna thought, feeling her brother moving closer again. But once they had started high school, Gerald had dropped her like a hot potato, preferring the company of his new friends, male and especially female.

"Hey, you're stiff with fear," Gerald commented, wrapping a long muscular arm around Donna's dimpled, freckled shoulder. "If you don't stop trembling I'll squeeze your ugly little body, just like I used to do when we were kids."

"Don't you dare," Donna squealed as she half-heartedly tried to escape Gerald's powerful grip. "I'm not a child anymore, even if Mom and Dad don't know it. I'll bet your friends don't look at me that way. Come on, tell me what they say about me."

Gerald felt his face turned hard. It was an ill-timed question Donna had asked. Two days earlier he had been in a fistfight over his sister's honor. Boys were beginning to talk about the way she had matured, just as Donna suspected. Gerald could still not understand why he had been so infuriated by their remarks.

"Forget those assholes," he insisted in a voice whose tightness was camouflaged by the sounds of angry nature. "I'm not going to let you get fucked over by any of those creeps."

So saying, Gerald turned his sister's head with surprising gentleness and kissed Donna openly on the lips, his lips tasting the moist flesh before quickly withdrawing to his own narrow mouth. Donna again squirmed under the blanket but felt herself moving closer to her brother. Her body was tense and relaxed simultaneously, suffused with an unfamiliar hypnotizing warmth.

There was no longer any doubt in Donna's mind that her brother was using every excuse to get physical with her. It was as if he had planned the whole thing in advance, including the storm and their parents' absence, that he somehow wanted to fool around with her. But nothing had happened yet and Donna knew that any complaint would be met with a salvo of Gerald's biting sarcasm.