Kent Collins

Shelly On The Farm

Chapter 1

All I could smell was Frank's liquored breath. All I could feel was his callused, rough hands making my skin buck. It was awful. My own father.

Well, really he was my stepfather, but that didn't make it right. I pulled at the waistband of my long-legged silk pajamas to make sure they were still snug. Keeping them on was part of the bargain and so was the tightly buttoned top that I'd fastened at the neck with a safety pin just to be sure.

Frank kissed a wet spot in the hollow under my chin and I pushed my face against the pillow and closed my eyes. I wanted to vomit. I wanted to cry. Then I thought of the car. Yes, I could try to forget Frank and think of the car-the pretty little powder blue coupe he'd promised to buy for me if I agreed to let him maul me through a layer of silk pajamas for a night. I felt his fingers touch one of my knees and slowly edge upward. Even through the sheer material I could feel the indentation he was making in my tan skin. It was as if the fingers were melting me, scarring my body for life. Quickly I clamped my thighs tight and shook my head.

"You said we'd just hug!" I swallowed to push away another wave of nausea. "You promised, Frank."

He pulled his scarred face out of my neck and smiled. "You can't expect old Frank to act like a corpse with his pretty little fifteen-year-old in bed with him now can you?"

I looked at his short, cruel face covered with a grey stubble-the bad teeth, the crooked eyes. Oh God, I wanted to die.

"But you said we'd stay dressed," I insisted, voice trembling. "And already you took off your shirt."

Frank smoothed his palm over my long brown hair and let it come to rest on my shoulder. Then he leaned forward and covered my mouth with his. I could feel the tongue trying to work its way between my lips and a funny, shaky turbulence went through my loins. Quickly I squeezed my thighs even tighter. Oh Mama, I thought, I'm doing things you told me never to do. Why did you die? Why did you die and leave me alone with Frank? Now he was wiggling around down there and a new sensation of something long and hard brushed over my tummy.

"Frank!" I cried, pushing his shoulders back, "that's enough!"