Kent Collins

First Time For Sister

Chapter 1

"It's nine o'clock; Billie-Ann!" Nora shouted from out back of the tumbledown shack. Billie opened her pale-blue eyes, stretched her long tanned legs in the bed and turned over with a sleepy groan. Not far from her room she heard her stepmother rattling a pail on the way out to feed the chickens. Feeding the chickens was Billie's job, but she got out of it about half the time by lazing the morning away in bed.

"Stir yourself a little, cain't ya?" Nora pleaded.

Billie-Ann pushed herself up and swung both feet to the floor. She always slept naked, because it was hot in July in that part of Missouri and because lately she'd grown to like the way it felt. Sometimes in the night she liked to touch one of her pubescent breasts or let her fingertips mingle in the sparse, fine down that had begun to cover her pubic mound. She never did much more than that… just touch… but it always gave her a warm, tingly feeling to drift back to sleep with.

Her room was an old storage closet with a blanket hung across the doorway to separate it from the rest of the house. Up against one wall was her narrow cot and nearby an ancient dresser with a cracked and mottled mirror. Billie-Ann had collected pieces of broken glass from colored bottles she'd found, and arranged them in her single small window to catch the morning sun. This morning they looked especially pretty, she thought as she brushed her hand through her sleep-tousled hair and watched the greens of patent cough-syrup bottles and the Milkof-Magnesia blues and the rich, red-brown of beer bottle bottoms crawl across her sheets.

Billie stretched again and her body felt firmer than ever and quiveringly fresh. Each day it was getting more and more that way and Billie couldn't keep from exploring the ever-changing places… massaging the soreness of her swelling titties and letting her palms trace the inward curve of her waist and then down to flare out ever so slightly where her hips had grown just a tiny bit wider.

Somewhere in the house a screen door clapped shut and Billie knew that Nora would be calling her again if she didn't get dressed and at least make a pretense of doing something. But there was time at least for her to bend over and watch the outline of her breasts enlarge as the flesh filled them. A little thrill went through her as she saw her pink nipples push out into firm little stalks. Tenderly she cupped one and felt the friction of her palm. At the same instant a tiny jolt of pleasure tickled inside the closed lips of her vulva.

"Gee, that's kinda funny," she whispered, tilting her head in puzzlement. She repeated the rubbing, then took one of the enlarged little breast buttons between thumb and finger… rolling it softly back and forth. Almost immediately she felt her crack go runny and hot and the beginnings of an itchy goodness made her shift her hips on the bed.

Her stepmother banged her bucket against the side of the house.

"Goddamn it, girl. If you don't get out here…"