Jeff Collins

The hottest wives


Viola Marsh ran her hand along the front of his pants. Hard she thought, his cock is hard already!

She'd made a good choice. He was young, handsome, and from the bulge in the front of his pants, she guessed he had the biggest cock at the party.

He gulped when she gripped his prick. "What's the matter lover?" she grinned. "I didn't invite you over here for just conversation."

"Yeah, yeah, I know," he stammered. "But… what about your husband?"

"He's still next door at the party, isn't he?"


"He's drunker than shit, isn't he?"

"He looked that way, but…"

"No buts, honey little Viola wants some of that!" Deftly her fingers found the zipper of his fly and worked it down quickly. The throbbing length of his huge cock pushed the thin folds of his underpants out through the fly opening. Viola stroked the rigid tool with knowledgeable fingers. She knew how to torment a man in many ways – by touch, by word, by manipulation of her body. He was breathing faster and she shivered with anticipation. Oh, she was going to give him a ride, all right – she really was! She could feel her pussy begin to seep warm, moist fluid, soaking the thin silk of her panties.

"Finger me, too, baby!" she moaned. "Jesus, your husband…"