Jeff Collins

Eager, spreading wife


"Where's my pussy!"

Lorna Killian heard her husband stumble through the door and shuck his clothes. She could smell the booze on his breath, and knew it wouldn't do any good to feign sleep. He moved through the darkness.

She guessed he hadn't been able to get into the two stewardess' panties he'd been after down by the pool earlier.

She felt his hand move between her legs, and then his thumb tweaked her clit. She moaned.

"Swell, you're awake," he slurred.

"You knew I was."

"Spread 'em, baby," her husband of one year hissed.

"Jerry, I'm tired… it was a busy night at the club."

"Shit!" He worked his fingers harder on her clit.

"What's the matter… didn't the swinger's apartment house we live in pay off in pussy for you tonight?" she murmured.