Jeff Collins

Balling families


Kyle Martin had a throbbing, bulging, aching hard-on.

The reason for it was what he was watching in the woods behind his rambling old Connecticut farmhouse. His eighteen year-old son, Carter, was about to fuck his nineteen year-old daughter, Melissa.

They were naked, and just beginning to play with each other. Kyle could tell that it would be the first time for both of them. He hadn't seen his beautiful, blonde daughter naked for two years and she had blossomed. At nineteen, she already had the body of a budding eighteen year-old bordering on the voluptuousness of full womanhood.

The curves of her body were generous and full. The large, red nipples stood out darkly against the white of her youthful tits. Her cunt was just sprouting a few golden hairs between already well-turned thighs.

Kyle's cock got even harder as he watched Carter run his youthful, hard cock around his sister's thighs.

"Oh, Carter, Carter, that makes me feel so funny!"

"Do you want to stop?"

"No, no, I told you… today I want to do it all!"

"Are you sure?" The boy was obviously glad. He didn't want to stop.