Daphne Phillips

Sinful Cyndi

Chapter 1

Cyndi had been driving me crazy all week. My younger sister, I had to admit, was one of the sexiest women I had ever known, and she wasn't modest about showing off her sexiness. She also wasn't very modest about showing off her body, which was incredible. Cyndi's tits were large and smoothly formed, some of the nicest tits I could imagine. And there wasn't a time I could recall when I'd seen Cyndi's breasts without firm, erect nipples. She was always turned on it seemed. I'd had plenty of time to see Cyndi's nipples lately. Our parents were out of town for two weeks and Cyndi was taking advantage of her new freedom to be as immodest as possible. She pranced through the house with the skimpiest clothes possible, often just a T-shirt and panties, or one of her delightful little bikinis. Her boyfriend Rod had been spending nights over here. Cyndi and Rod shared my parents' bedroom and I didn't have any doubts about what went on in there. As a matter of fact, more than a few times I had watched them when they left the curtains open at night. My parents' window was plainly visible from the balcony of my room, something I'd found out only recently, but something that gave me lots of entertainment since I'd come home for the summer. Now that my parents were away, I had to admit I much preferred watching my little sister. Those two were the kinkiest couple I'd seen in a long time.

They even rivaled me and Megan, though Megan and I did have a pretty wild time of it.

I called Cyndi my "little" sister, but I'm not quite sure why. She was only a year younger than me, eleven months, as a matter of fact and not a whole lot smaller. Her tits certainly weren't "little" at all, and neither where those big sexy blue eyes-Mom's eyes. But Cyndi's sex drive was the biggest thing all about her. My little sister was the horniest slut I'd ever known, even hornier than her big brother!

I had left home to go to college just last September when Cyndi was a senior in high school and a virgin as far as I could tell. But since I'd come back for the summer, I'd come to realize that my little sister wasn't anything like a virgin, nowadays. On the contrary, she was a much-fucked tramp! Not that I objected-especially since I could see through her window. And Cyndi wasn't just a normal slut. She was kinky!

She liked it all ways, and some of them were quite enticing.

I'd watched Cyndi get it up the ass several times since our parents left. Rod seemed to love giving it to her that way and whenever they did it, the moans would have kept me awake even if I hadn't been watching. She also liked it doggy-style. I'd watched Rod fuck Cyndi from behind more often than they'd done it face-to-face and that was quite often, to be sure. Cyndi also liked having Rod come on her face and her tits. She went wild with desire, rubbing the thick jizz all over her nipples and lips and covering her cheeks with it. She also really got into dressing up for him in leather and high heels most of the time, and once she'd even worn a dog-collar, just for effect, since they weren't into bondage. And Cyndi wasn't just kinky with Rod. She liked cheating, as well-she'd already had three other guys up to my parent's room, and not just individually. Get this-she'd had two guys up there at one time! I didn't wonder what they did in there! I knew!

Naturally, I had watched. At least, as much as I could. Steve and Al had gone up there together one night when Rod was working late-supposedly just to drink. But before long Cyndi was drunk and the two guys had her clothes off and were fucking her from both ends. Steve put his cock up Cyndi's ass and Al entered her through her cunt-while Cyndi went crazy with pleasure! I could hear her moans and screams of ecstasy all the way downstairs-so I was duty-bound to watch her! I chuckled to myself as she went at it with them, giving them head, letting both of them eat her out, sharing her tits between them, the whole bit. If I'd had any doubts as to what a willing young vixen my little sister was, I gave them up that night. The sight of two cocks pounding into her had convinced me!

She'd also had Rod's friend Doug up in my parent's room, but she didn't try to hide that fact. Doug didn't have to drink with Cyndi to get her into bed. Cyndi came on to him, and before long they were fucking doggy-style. Cyndi really knew how to seduce a man, and Mom hadn't raised her to let her talents go to waste.

Mostly, though, Cyndi fucked Rod. Every night, and usually in the afternoons. They liked to use the hot tub and the sauna, and sometimes the shower which joined our two rooms. In that big house, there were plenty of places to fuck, and they didn't try to hide what they were doing. I'd stumbled upon them fucking in the window seat which overlooked the pool, in the garden, in the attic… they were a swing couple. And Cyndi wasn't just kinky with Rod. She was plenty kinky on her own. After all, she had only met Rod a month ago, and she had several months before that to try out her newfound lack of virginity.

She kept a little diary of her lovers, which I'd peeked in to once or twice. I felt like a sneak thief, but my little sister fascinated me so much I just couldn't keep myself away!