Dennis Carlisle

Family affair


Lois Baxter lay in bed, the covers drawn up around her waist. Next to her, her husband Bret snored loudly. As was his practice, he wore no pajamas, sleeping in the nude. He had kicked the bedclothes off of him and Lois looked over with a faint smile on her lips.

Bret was lying on his back. His hard muscular and hairy chest rose and fell as he breathed evenly. But what pleased Lois even more was his massive morning cockstand. Her husband's pecker rose straight up, past his navel, resting against his chest, half-hidden in the curly thicket of dark black body hair.

She gazed at it fondly, glancing once again at the alarm clock. It was nearly seven. She knew she'd have to get up and make breakfast, see that the kids got to school on time. But she wasn't quite ready. She moved the blankets down and slipped one hand under her nightgown, touching herself, reassuring herself that she was still attractive, still a hot piece of ass at thirty-four.

That's what comes of marrying young, she thought to herself.

She had been a child bride, more or less. Now, she was the mother of two teenagers, fifteen-year-old Gary and seventeen-year-old Gail. Two handsome well-built youngsters. She remembered holding them in her arms, nursing them at her breasts, and smiled, wondering where all the years had gone.

But I shouldn't complain, she said to herself, running the tips of her fingers up and around her pubic mound. Her cunt felt damp and slightly warm and she lay back and closed her eyes, thinking of the workout Bret had given her the night before.

Even after living with her for seventeen years, he was still insatiable, still an animal in bed. Not a night had passed that he hadn't taken her and her fingers grazed along her hairy split, fondling the puffy swollen lips of her matronly snatch. Then, easing the finger down, she dipped it right inside, feeling the knobby button of her clitoris, rising up from the folds of her vulva.

She shivered involuntarily, pushing her finger in farther until she felt the slick wet walls of her vagina. Her muscles began to work, as if to hold the finger in place as she moved it in circles, feeling a rush of warmth bathing her loins.

Again, she looked at her husband. But it was more with hunger than with fondness. She gazed at his huge erect cock and reached out, running her fingers up and down the hard swollen shaft. It pulsated in her hand and she suddenly grasped it firmly, barely able to get her fingers around it, it was so thick. Bret mumbled in his sleep, but still lay there inert and snoring.

So nice, so nice and hard. It fills me up so much, she thought to herself, determined to have a little pleasure before starting the workaday chores that seemed to constitute her daily existence.