Brad Harris

The preacher_s wife


No boy had ever gotten this far with her! Maggie shivered at the delicious play of his hands beneath her sweater. Loren had unhooked her bra so that he could feel her luscious tits. He now had them stinging with delight. The mounds of flesh seemed to have doubled in size as he massaged them.

Other boys had played with her tits. Maybe they didn't work on them with the skill of this tall, handsome senior. Still, they had gotten to them. Maggie was accustomed to the boys going ape over her voluptuous breasts. She had given token resistance to Loren as he lay beside her on the campus grass and began to fondle her. She did not put up a protest for several reasons.

Everybody else was probably doing at least as much in the darkness of the evening. She could hear the rustle of clothes, the soft panting and moaning as perhaps twenty other couples took advantage of the area of the campus humorously referred to as "The Factory". She had asked about the name her first week at Hillcrest College and was told that it was where all the coeds were made.

Loren MacDonald was the most chased man on the campus. Maggie knew that any other coed would be wetting her pants just to have the handsome student leader trying to play with her tits. The red-haired freshman had considered it quite an accomplishment to have Loren dating her for the past month.

Loren was also studying to be a preacher. He already spoke on Sundays in small churches back in the hills surrounding Manchester. He was the most religious boy Maggie had ever talked to. Even tonight they had sat for almost an hour praying and studying the Bible together before joining the others out in the grass. He was sure to control himself, she was convinced.

There was also a deeper reason for Maggie's eager submission. She liked it! She adored the touch of male hands on her tits and along her thighs. So far she had always been able to keep them from going any farther – until tonight.

Loren had his hand inside her panties! The girl shivered at the sensation of a finger at the lips of her cunt. This was the first time any man had ever felt her pussy.

"Ohhhh, you are so soft and sweet," he soothed her. "Such a sweet pussy."

Somehow she hadn't expected Loren to call it a pussy. Somehow she expected him to come up with some Biblical name for it. Whatever he called it, though, he sure the hell knew what to do with it. His finger had slipped over her clit and was pressing in an erotic rhythm that had her entire body pulsing.

"Ooooooh," she shuddered. "Loren, do you think we should go this far?" She looked up into his soft eyes as they sparkled. She couldn't see his mouth clearly, but knew he was smiling.