Blake Garfield

Young housewife in hell


"Slower, honey!" Lisa Hart gasped, clutching her husband's hips with her thighs to slow his fucking. "Not so hard, dear. You don't want to hurt me."

It was all Lisa could do to keep from trembling in disgust as her husband fucked his stiff, fat prick inside her pussy. If she had known how monstrous his cock was, she might not even have married him, no matter how much money he had. Surely there were some rich men in the world with small cocks.

Her husband, Larry, growled deep in his throat and buried his cock to the hilt inside her small, soft pussy. Lisa gasped in shock and pain and clamped her legs tighter against him. She had never seen him so rough or forceful. She guessed that he must be as excited about the party as she was.

Lisa Hart was barely twenty-one, young and beautiful in a way that had always made men her slaves. She had never cared much for men, and she hated sex, but the one thing she hated even worse was work. Larry was twenty years older than she was, but he was still good looking enough that she wasn't embarrassed to be seen with him. And he had enough money to make a once-a-week fuck worthwhile. "Honey, you're hurting me," Lisa hissed, stroking the back of Larry's head with one hand while she clutched at his back with the other, trying to slow him down. "You know how small my pussy is, sweetheart. You're just too big a bull to give it to me this hard."

Larry grunted as he stuck his cock inside her again. His hands clamped down over Lisa's full, satiny tits, and he squeezed them until Lisa thought she was going to faint from the agony.

"Larry, what are you doing?" she whispered, her voice shaking with the sudden pain that was ripping through her sexy body. "Larry, you're hurting me! You know how sensitive my tits are."

Lisa wanted to scratch or kick at her husband and stop his rough fucking and his manhandling of her tender tits. She held back, though, not wanting to start a fight on the afternoon before their first big party.

Parties like the one they were throwing tonight had been half the reason she had married Larry to begin with.

She guessed he was fucking her so wildly because he was excited, too. She decided he deserved a little fun, and she wrapped her long, lush legs around his humping ass and urged him to fuck her even faster.

Larry had enough money to hire a few servants, so Lisa had few responsibilities. Her biggest job, Larry had explained to her, would be to be a good hostess at the parties a man in his position had to throw.