The Club, v3-4


It was late when I called for Dr. Sylvia Loriano and her ten-year-old little boy assistant to come get my child girl victim, Susie. I had satisfied myself sexually in the eight-year-old girl's mouth, in her ass, and finally I had raped her immature little cunt. Completely aside from the emotional trauma she had suffered under these foul assaults from me as an adult male, she also had received severe and very real physical injuries for which she needed good professional medical and surgical treatment, and Dr. Loriano was the person to handle it, using the superb technical facilities of The Club to restore the tiny body of Susie to health, so that she could again be subjected to sexual abuses, either by me or by some other member of their select and wealthy clientele who happened to fancy using little girls as their sex-partners.

To qualify as a member of The Club, one had to be able to pay the fantastic initiation fee which they demanded, and then be able to afford the high fee which was required for every visit there to use their inmates and equipment. But the major requirement for Membership in this bizarre institution in the middle of New York, was that your interest in sex be violently abnormal in some way. What particular way did not make much difference, and membership always came as the result of recommendation by a present member who knew of the new person's abnormalities and was willing to propose him and trust him. Any person with so-called normal sex appetites would not be interested in the organization, even though he might be able to afford it, and such normality would certainly bore the other members, who from time to time got vicarious satisfactions out of witnessing performances by their fellow-members, either directly through peep-holes, one-way mirrors, or by photographs and movies.

Allow me to jump ahead in my story for a moment and tell you some of the facts about The Club which I discovered much later, after I had been accepted as a full-fledged member there, and had learned a little bit about the place and its operation. Contrary to most secret sex-clubs, of which there are one or more around every large city, and several in the environs of New York, The Club was located right in the middle of the city, at a very well-known and exclusive address, in a new, modern, and highly-respected building.

Originally the several wealthy men who started it, had rented an old brownstone-front house in a failing residential area, and fitted it up as a private club where they could enjoy the off-beat and often violent orgies with girls which was the common bond of their friendship. Money was no problem for these charter members, but when the buildings in their block were to be torn down to make room for a large new apartment building, they had to move. In looking for suitable new quarters, a weird and effective scheme developed, and resulted in the present set-up, which was eminently satisfactory for everyone. Several of the men had financial interests in a large office building which was in the planning stage for mid-town Manhattan, not far from Radio City. Using their money, their influence, and their technical know-how, this huge new building when completed, was different in several ways from any other building in the world. To all casual appearances it was similar but better than the other such office construction going up nearby, but a careful study of it revealed that it was really a building within a building. The inside of any modern sky-scraper is more or less waste space, used for elevators, storage, halls, and other unprofitable uses. Anyone willing and able to pay the high rents demanded, also wanted outside walls for windows, light, ventilation, and status-appeal.

The building housing The Club, provided all these desirable features for its regular tenants, but for the specialized needs of The Club, the middle of the structure, for the bottom ten floors, represented a separate functional unit. It had no windows, and no connections with the peripheral areas. It had its own elevators from its own parking space in the basement. And it had its own very effective air-conditioning system. In every way it was completely isolated from the huge obvious, respected structure within which it was totally enclosed. None of the regular tenants of the office building, and even very few of the employees of the building, knew that there existed within their structure a separate ten-story very private exclusive club, and of the actual employees of The Club itself, few knew of the wild parties and degenerate orgies which took place there when ever a member wanted it. The separate autonomous organization demanded and paid for privacy, so that's what it got.

Thus within a few minutes taxi dive of Times Square or Grand Central Station or the swankiest restaurants, was a beautifully hidden, ultra-exclusive hideout where anything was permitted in the way of bizarre sex, the only limit being the imagination of the person involved. World-known and brilliant business men of unimpeachable morals and tastes might be seated in conference at a board-meeting in their company offices in this odd building, forming decisions that would effect world-policy or national economics, and be within a few feet (through a sound-proof wall of where another man, possibly an acquaintance, was perpetrating some horribly perverted and cruel rape or sex-crime on a shrieking pain-wracked girl, neither would ever know of the other's actions.

This mid-town location had even further advantages for the fortunate members of The Club. They did not have to waste a lot of time travelling to and from their orgies, and so had no annoying and possibly dangerous explaining to do to wives or acquaintances. On his way home after an evening of fun, a member could stop in at The Club for a visit, enjoy himself as fiendishly as suited his weird tastes, and be no later for dinner at home than if he had stopped in for a drink with a friend after office-hours. If he felt so inclined, a member could even go to The Club during his lunch-hour and desport himself in some brief orgy, arriving back at his office before many of his colleagues had returned from their more prosaic luncheons.

And since The Club was so centrally located, if a member should encounter a casual acquaintance in the neighborhood, he had no explaining to do as to why he happened to be there at that time. Almost any business or professional man would have a truly legitimate excuse to be in or near the huge respectable building, of which The Club was the well-hidden and unknown core.

Well, to get back to my own experience at The Club, I was awakened the next morning in plenty of time to get to my office on schedule. I had not had much sleep, after using Susie three times and then indulging in the bizarre three-way orgy with Dr. Sylvia Loriano and her little boy Teddy who was trying so hard to become a sexually adept lover, even at his tender years. After a shower, shave, and bracing breakfast, I was at work on time, and no one the wiser that I had not spent the night peacefully at home.

Even while I dove into my work, the memories of my initiation into The Club kept flashing back before my mind, and I wondered how soon I could prevail upon John, my mentor there, to allow me back to taste of the forbidden joys which could be provided. Just before lunch-time I could stand the suspense no longer, and I phoned John Murphy to ask him to have lunch with me, for we had some things I would like to discuss with him.