Alberta Graham

The twins and mother


"Come on, Don, baby… the boys won't see… we'll go into the garage!" Carolyn anxiously tugged on her future husband's sleeve and guided him with determination away from the ranch-style house toward the garage.

"I don't know, Carolyn…" Don Larsen hesitated at the door, looking back toward the house where his two teenage boys could quite easily be watching them. Carolyn was so impatient, he thought to himself, almost too impatient for his tastes, and yet he didn't really want to disappoint her. He was too much in love with the girl for that! Still and all, you'd think she might be able to wait until some decent time. Or at least until after the wedding on the very next day.

"Come on, Don! Don't you want me as much as I want you?"

Don followed his young bride-to-be. She was only twenty-one, almost a teenager herself, and Don considered himself lucky at forty-five to have her.

"All right, Carolyn. Of course I do. You know I do!" He was following her into the back seat of the car where the young blonde girl had already arranged herself in the corner. "It's just that…"

But Carolyn's arm snaked out and upward, catching the older man around the neck and pulling him close to her invitingly reclining body. While her moist tongue thrust impetuously in between his lips, her hands fumbled downward, reaching for his to place them upon the already palpitating mounds of her naked breasts. It was not difficult to reach the smooth silken skin of Carolyn's voluptuous breasts, bare beneath the light summer dress she wore. There they were right inside the low-cut top of her dress, set high and full and tantalizingly firm in their beckoning warmth and softness.

"Oh, God, Carolyn! You're so beautiful… so exciting!"

"And you're wonderful, lover!" Carolyn replied, already giving herself up to the delightful tingling sensation emanating from Don's careful manipulation of her naked breasts. "Oh, that's good! I like it like that!"

How long had it been since Don had felt a woman warm and responsive in his arms? It wasn't the first time he and his bride-to-be had made love. It was perhaps the fourth or fifth time, and yet the widower still felt like a novice after the long years without a wife, and only an occasional relief during that time from the loneliness he usually felt.

And to think that tomorrow all this would be his! Irrevocably his!